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"Wozu braucht es Schwanzfedern?"
Die Weltwoche


Grosse Hoden, kleines Hirn (Large balls, small brains)
Neue Zürcher Zeitung am Sonntag


Die Riesenspermien der Fruchtfliege
Radio Eins


Peter Schneider - die andere Presseschau
Radio SRF3 (Swiss National Radio)


The release of our Nature article on the evolution sperm gigantism received broad coverage, including:

Why male fruit flies have such enormous sperm
Los Angeles Times

This Fly's Sperm Is One Thousand Times Longer Than Human Sperm
The Atlantic

Fruit fly sperm is epically long, and we may finally know why
The Washington Post

Scientists Solve Giant Sperm Paradox
The Scientist

Übergrosse Spermien der Fruchtfliegen
Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Das Geheimnis der Riesenspermien

Le paradoxe des spermatozoïdes géants de la mouche du vinaigre élucidé
Le Temps

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Our Proceedings B article on the evolution sperm number vs. sperm size received broad coverage, including:

Mouse sperm is longer than elephant sperm. This man has a theory.

The biggest sperm come in the smallest packages - and other odd facts about male sex cells
The Guardian / The Conversation

(transcript) Verloren im Geschlechtstrakt: Warum Mäuse größere Spermien haben als Elefanten

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Female Control of Sexual Selection (Invited contribution to the Academic Minute)
U.S. National Public Radio